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The Edge

By listening and understanding, we are able to establish a lasting relationship between the employer, candidate, and PANTHER.

Since our inception, PANTHER has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

PANTHER Technical Services Ltd. is a Canadian owned Human Resource Services and Recruitment company with its head office in Edmonton, Alberta, offering a complete range of recruitment, human resources, and payroll services to industries across Canada.


With over 14 years of experience, our culture is based on an integrated team effort, high performance, taking measured risks, mutual respect, and teamwork.


PANTHER is managed by a group of highly skilled human resource specialists with over 14 years of experience and a wide range of expertise, both technical and geographic, which allows innovative solutions to be applied to all of our projects.

PANTHER is your leading employment agency, recruiter, staffing, and personnel 
services firm, that understands the intricacies of human resources management.


PANTHER's purpose is to effectively support our clients.


We have the utmost respect for our candidates; each of our Recruitment Specialists takes the time to fully understand the candidates specific needs.

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