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Health & Safety

At PANTHER we share a common goal, which is to ensure that we provide a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees and all personnel involved with our day to day operations and business


PANTHER Technical Services Ltd. and our management, are committed to protecting the health & safety of all our workers, and is a dedicated partner in protecting the environment, to preserve natural resources.


PANTHER Technical Services Ltd. continues to strive to be one of the industry leaders with corporate health & safety goals to maintain our zero injury safety record within all of our operations.  We attribute our continued success to embracing our highest value which is to protect the health & safety of our workers, while delivering the highest quality of professional services to our clients. 


We stand behind our requirement for all parties involved in our business to comply with our company & client company’s health & safety policies and standards, Provincial, Federal and Government Regulations, and Industry Standards.  At PANTHER Technical Services Ltd. the CEO/Owner/Manager, Supervisors, Employees, Prime Contractors and Worksite Owners are expected to fulfill their specific roles and responsibilities regarding health & safety in the workplace.  


Loss control will be maintained through risk management and due diligence in combination with active employee involvement in our Health & Safety program. Safety is the direct responsibility of all management, supervision, contractors and employees.

I trust that you will all join me in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.

PANTHER Management.

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