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Range of Services


PANTHER is in the business of providing its clients qualified personnel in times of excess or special work loads.


We are here to supplement your workforce for the growing demand for professional skills through Temporary/Contract Placements, Permanent Placement and Payroll Services.

Whether engaged in providing temporary and contract services, direct placement or payroll services, PANTHER is dedicated to bringing people and its clients together in a positive working relationship.


We are here to offer an array of professional services which benefit both job seekers and our client companies.

Temporary or Contract Placements

PANTHER maintains an extensive pool of qualified candidates who are available for short, medium, and long-term temporary or contract work. This way, we can respond quickly and effectively to our client's temporary needs.

Typically, PANTHER pays the wages and overhead costs of the temporary or contract employee and bills the client at a fixed hourly rate for services provided.

In addition, clients utilizing the services of a temporary employee are able to permanently retain that employee if the need or desire arises.

Permanent Placements Services

We work with clients from numerous industries, through a structured and effective recruitment and selection process to place career (permanent) employees within their organizations.

Depending on the number of positions and area of specialization, we can offer negotiate customize rates for your organization.

Payroll Services

In some cases, clients may wish to handle the recruitment and selection of employees internally, but do not wish for these employees to be placed on their organization's payroll.


PANTHER's payroll services allow clients to avoid the complexities of adding temporary paid employees to in-house payrolls and provide an effective alternative for dealing with fixed payroll budgets or union dictated hiring issues.


PANTHER insures the employee under WCB, and is responsible for the vacation pay, CPP, and EI contributions and all legal documentation such as Records of Employment and T4 slips.


Health and other benefits can also be administered through PANTHER's payroll services.

We believe in a drug free and safe working environment. We will work closely with you to ensure our employees  and contractors follow your company's drug testing procedures

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